Slide1 The SMART Board is an interactive whiteboard that uses touch detection for user input. Daily lessons using the SMART Board will enhance your children’s skills through audio, visual and kinesthetic learning. Your children get a head start by becoming tech savvy at pre-school age.
Slide2 Children are divided into ‘same ability’ groups and they have reinforcement lessons in Languages, Maths and Development. Teachers can focus on the individual child, and the children learn through constantly updated, imported fun apparatus and activities.
Slide3 In the Science Centre children of years 4-6 learn about the scientific aspects in our daily lives which give them a strong learning foundation when they move on to primary school. They have a lot of fun conducting experiments and learning new things every week.
Slide4 The Book Club comprises books in English, Bahasa Malaysia and Chinese. Reading these books on a weekly basis not only help children improve their reading, language and analytical skills; but also include moral stories to help build good character.
Slide5 Computers are used to help your children learn through interactive and educational programs. Children enjoy computer classes as they get to play educational games, collaborate with their friends and have fun at the same time.
Slide6 In the Domestic Science class, children learn how to read the recipe, handle cooking utensils and ingredients. Through this activity, children learn to collaborate and communicate with their friends as they work together to complete the recipe.
Slide7 In Funkids & Shining Glory, we believe that all children should have fun time and not only focus on academics. In the playground, children will be able to play and enjoy themselves. They will learn that they have a time to study, and of course, a time to play!